Joel Dillard

Representing Mississippi Workers

Attorney Joel Dillard

A pragmatic, creative approach

My unique approach blends proactive advice and relentless advocacy to achieve clients' employment-law goals. My clients are not just a case or a recovery: they are real people, strong but in need of support. We will investigate thoroughly to help clients understand the situation. We will creatively explore the practical and legal options. And, if necessary, we will work together to fight for the best outcome for the client.

A thorough understanding of employment law and labor law

Joel Dillard has drafted major labor regulations, federal appeals court decisions, and federal agency decisions which continue to govern daily working life. This experience, seeing the law from the inside out, provides for depth and nuance of understanding. No stone remains unturned in the firm's efforts to resolve clients' problems favorably.

A Mississippi employment lawyer with one-of-a-kind national experience

Paralegal Sharon Smith

Passion for helping working people

Power hungry supervisors, sexual harassment, bullying and management that won't listen makes for a hard day's work. I've been there myself. That is why I'm excited to work with an attorney fighting for unions and for workers' civil rights.


In her years at the firm, Sharon has talked to well over 1,000 people like you. She knows how hard it can be to cold call a lawyer. She sees her job as helping you present your best case to the lawyers at the firm so they can properly evaluate your situation. Despite all the calls we get, Sharon takes the time to make sure you get a fair shot.

An understanding and compassionate ear

Clients love Sharon. Even people that the firm does not accept as clients love Sharon. As one potential client said I was going through such a rough time, and she was an angel for me on that day.

Associate Attorney Jay Kucia

Deep Mississippi roots

Jay is a lifelong Mississippian who has lived in the Jackson Metro for as long as he can remember. Jay graduated from Jackson Academy in 2012 and Mississippi College in 2017. In 2020, he graduated magna cum laude from the University of Mississippi School of Law where he served as a civil rights research assistant and founded the Mississippi Workplace Law Society. Working with the firm since 2019, Jay concentrates on equal employment opportunity cases involving race, sex, age, and disability discrimination. In his free time, Jay enjoys cooking, literature, piano, and songwriting, particularly in the pop, musical theatre, and country genres.

Attorney Fellow Nicholas Stonecypher

Organizing for change

Nicholas knows how stressful it can be to stand up for your rights. His passion for workers’ rights comes from first-hand experience working in fast food, movie theatres and supermarkets, and helping to organize against negligent landlords and employers in Tampa. After graduating from the University of South Florida with a degree in History, Nicholas taught adult refugees English Language and USCIS Naturalization Exam Prep courses. Meanwhile, he earned a degree in Economics from USF. While at Stetson University College of Law, Nicholas interned with the Region 12 Office of the National Labor Relations Board and volunteered with Bay Area Legal Services. In addition to leading reading and discussion groups, Nicholas enjoys playing guitar, muay thai, and cooking.


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